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Join us in the work to ensure human rights for everyone, everywhere. You can easily do that by setting up your own fundraising page. With your fundraiser you will help us free wrongly convicted people, to push countries to change their laws, to uncover hidden truths and save human lives.

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Setting up a fundraiser is easy!

1. Start a fundraising page

Choose a cause, name your page, and set up a fundraising goal.

2. Invite your friends

Tell your friends, family, colleagues about the fundraiser and encourage them to donate. You can share your fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

3. Follow your fundraiser and fundraising goal

You can see the donations and donors’ messages immediately on your own fundraising page.

Choose an event

Naisten Kymppi Fun Run!

Run for human rights and collect donations for Amnesty’s work against violence towards women. With your donation, you support our work against violence towards women in Finland!
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A gift to human rights

Are you celebrating your birthday soon, hosting a house-warming party or do you have some other reason for a celebration? Instead of belongings, ask your friends for a gift to human rights, for a better world! Start your own Special Occasion Fundraiser towards the work for human rights and partake in creating a better world both in Finland and the rest of the world.
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Puolusta mieltään osoittavia rohkeita ihmisiä

Perusta keräys ja auta puolustamaan mieltään osoittavia rohkeita ihmisiä ja ihmisiä, jotka on pidätetty, vangittu tai heitä on kidutettu vain, koska he ovat käyttäneet oikeuttaan sananvapauteen ja kokoontumisvapauteen.
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Human rights belong to all of us

Amnesty is the largest human rights NGO in the world. Our work is to guarantee human rights for everyone, everywhere. We work to ensure no one is tormented, oppressed, tortured or executed. Our independent investigation sheds light on human rights violations and helps to stop them effectively. Your fundraising campaign will help us shed light on human rights violations and stop them efficiently. What are you waiting for? Set up your very own fundraising campaign and start raising funds for human rights today!
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Active fundraising pages

Human rights belong to all of us

Amnesty is the largest human rights organisation in the world. We work to ensure human rights for everyone, everywhere. Our work is based on robust research which helps us to bring human rights abuses to daylight and stop them everywhere in the world. When we unite our forces, the world around us changes The work we do is possible thanks to the support of individual people. Every year, hundreds of wrongly convicted people are freed as a result of our work. We push countries to change their laws, we uncover hidden truths and we save human lives. With your help we can take a stance on human rights abuses independently and courageously all over the world.

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